The Professional Videoconference is a data, video and audio communication technology that enables you at any time to participate in meetings, conferences, and training sessions while remaining in your premises, in front of your work station or in your meeting room.
The Videoconference is simple to use, effective and economical. It allows to communicate more often, without pressure due to business trips, and at lower cost.
The setting up of the videoconference tool consist in :

  • Increasing communication;
  • Reducing the costs of business trips;
  • Reducing time limits and increasing reactivity;
  • Speeding up the decision-making process;
  • Improving productivity;
  • Working in real time through several media.

In order to fit the different needs of its customers, SIGMATEL offers today different ranges of videoconference products, grouped together in the following :

  • Videoconference Room: permits to carry out a videoconference in a meeting room or in an auditorium.
  • Videoconference Office: by allowing a limited number of persons to have access to the videoconference service from their offices.
  • Telepresence: consists in creating a complete environment in a meeting room, specially fitted-out to give the illusion to be in the presence of the persons whom the meeting is held with.