Information systems security

Any institution needs to secure its infrastructure and data. However, being economically performant often requires information exchange. It becomes more and more difficult to match data security requirements with the necessity of opening their environment.
SIGMATEL has an ambition of providing you adapted secure solutions to allow you to face the unceasingly repeated dangers of intrusion and the risks of data loss.
We lean on a high value-added service combined with the ability to propose a wide range of secure products, recognized as the most performing on the market.

Our expertise

  • Access control : Firewall Statefull Inspection, Applications Proxy, Intrusion Prevention and Detection Systems;
  • UTM gateway (Unified Threat Management);
  • Information confidentiality : data encryption, VPN IPSec;
  • Media asset management (Web, mail, applications) : URL filtering, Antivirus, anti-spam, anti-spyware, anti-fishing;
  • Conformity : Integrity control, 802.1x, NAC (Network Access Control);
  • Workstation security : File and Hard disk encryption, Implementation of specific security applications on workstation (firewall, integrity control…);
  • Optimization and Acceleration : Internet and application load-balancing, Caching, Reverse Proxy, WAN Acceleration;
  • ID and authentication management : Strong authentication by token, chip card or biometrics;
  • Security administration : facilities management, correlation of events, log analysis;
  • Security policy Audit and development.