Our Company

SIGMATEL is the partner of reference in the integration of secure communications infrastructures in Morocco. Due to its marked presence in the market, SIGMATEL has built up, since its creation in 1991, a leading-edged expertise in the design, integration and running of communication solutions i.e. in the fields of voice, data, images, and video as well as in security and mobility applications.

Avant-garde vision :

Whereas Telecom Companies mainly aim today at specializing exclusively in one of these fields, i.e. voice or data, SIGMATEL has chosen to count on both technologies in the same time, foreseeing the Voice & Data (V/D) future convergence. As a result of this, a long and firm expertise in the V/D convergence has been built up, and then crowned by a partnership with AVAYA, one of the world leaders in the field of Telephony and Call Centres… (3 points de suspension)

Therefore, SIGMATEL presents itself today as one of the Moroccan leading companies in Voice and Data Integration. Our strength lies within our positioning as a unique negotiating partner as far as integration of secure communication infrastructures are concerned.

Sustainable Development :

In order to perpetuate its assets and take on the innovation challenges in Tomorrow’s technologies, SIGMATEL initiates a development policy which is structured around several main lines :

  • Development of Human Resource Capital;
  • Adaptation of its organization in order to accompany its sustainable development;
  • Diversification of its supply so as to meet the growing requirements of its customers.