System infrastructures (servers, storage, backup)

Information access and data exchange are high stakes for any company.
The major advantage becomes then the guarantee of an appropriate, effective, secured, reliable and available computing environment. Within this framework, SIGMATEL has been developing services of expertise on accredited solutions and technologies. The purpose is to accompany our customers in building a customized information system.

Our expertise :


SIGMATEL has a wide range of servers available in the market in order to meet the application constraints while matching with every budget. From the simple file server to complete rooms of racked multi-servers; The range of proposed solutions uses the latest and the most recent advanced technologies in the market.
Our consultants and engineers build architectures specifically designed to meet the various requirements.
We operate in :

  • The Installation of high-availability clusters;
  • Tolerance failure management;
  • Load balancing;
  • Servers consolidation/virtualization, to rationalize the number of installed servers and ensure the scalability.


Nowadays, virtualization is becoming more and more important within IT environments. Many companies are already using it or planning to use it in the short term for servers, storage and client PCs. In fact, a virtual architecture consists in running applications on shared and centralized hardware resources (servers, storage, network), by using technologies developed namely by VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft.
Within this framework, we go along with companies, so that they could consolidate and rationalize their infrastructures.
SIGMATEL experts are designing and implementing cost-effective and high performance technical architectures.

Backup & Storage solutions

SIGMATEL provides expertise for the implementation of future proof solutions. Dedicated to computer data storage, backup and network security, these solutions are customized for the highly-demanding environment of our customers.
The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) takes into account the IT network size and the restore of lost data.

Our consultants and engineers provide guidance and optimize the alternatives for customers in order to ensure the availability and the IT data restore according to the needs of each one.

Messaging Solutions

Sigmatel is specialized in the implementation of collaborative messaging solutions, an area in which it provides consulting, training, design and implementation.

We have a unique expertise to complete your projects with corporate email by providing you with a comprehensive range of services:

  • Consolidation : Servers and clients management, consolidation of servers, decrease of physical servers through virtualization capabilities, optimization of clients messaging , directories building
  • Migration : Releases Update, platforms production migration, data migration, applications, accounts and mailboxes.
  • Deployment : Evaluation of the infrastructure, servers and clients stations configuration audit , architecture solution definition , implementation of the solution, assistance to the administration...
  • Mobility : Implementation of mobile information system access , PDA, Smartphone, Laptop.
  • Development : Functional analysis, development (through historical partners) and basic documentation workflow.