Telecom infrastructure for telecom operators and companies

SIGMATEL has deployed a range of sophisticated logistic resources and technical tools in order to meet the requirements of its partners in terms of delivery, massive works and very narrowly-targeted interventions.
Henceforth, SIGMATEL is represented by its teams, who are distinguished by their geographical high-mobility, not only in Morocco, but also in the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe.

Considering that the telecom works require generally the carrying out of Civil Engineering works, and in order to control the end-to-end line of works through only one interlocutor, sparing their clients of dealing with several interveners, SIGMATEL created a Civil Engineering Department. Our teams are composed of very qualified and experienced engineers and experienced in complex and important projects. The mission of the department is to provide an optimal quality of works while meeting the deadlines.
SIGMATEL carries out the following :

  • Administrative procedures, if necessary, such as obtaining the required authorizations from the authorities;
  • Consultancy  regarding the design of technical premises or the nature of the layout work to be performed;
  • Stability studies (Reinforced concrete: formwork & reinforcement), or any particular follow-up (retaining wall, inspection / reinforcement of load-bearing units (slab, posts and sole plates, metallic sections), works in presence of water tables, design of rain water sewer system) ;
  • Civil Engineering works: reinforced concrete, masonry, mortar, painting, tightness…;
  • Works of underground trenches whatever the ground type (pavement (sidewalk), asphalt road, garden…).

Since the creation of the Civil Engineering Department, SIGMATEL has succeeded in being recognized as a market actor of quality : it has been able to take up the challenge of simultaneously opening several building sites, and complete the works entrusted to it within the deadlines and all this while meeting the quality required, whatever the execution difficulties.

Telecom infrastructure sites layout :
Since 2006, SIGMATEL has been acting as a real partner for the telecom operators; henceforth, it carries out the full turn key telecom sites realization.
The intervention of SIGMATEL begins with searching candidates and ends with installing on air sites, it includes:

Site acquisition

  • Search for Site
  • Baseline study
  • Administrative enquiry
  • Pre-negotiation for lease or acquisition

Site design

  • Site Survey
  • Structural design of the site (foundations, towers, shelters…)
  • Ground study or any other special study (retaining wall, inspection / reinforcement of slab, posts and sole plates, works in presence of water tables, design of rain water sewer system,…)

Site preparation

Civil Engineering works including :
  • Supply and assembling of pylons and enclosures
  • Supply and installation of equipped shelters
  • Construction of technical premises
  • Layout of clean rooms
  • Trenches realization for pipe
Electrical Engineering works including :
  • Power supplying
  • Installation and configuration of alarm systems
  • Supply & Installation of air-conditioning
  • Rectifier stations and Backup systems
  • Supply, installation & Operating of generating unit
  • Internal electrification

Radio systems implementation

  • Installation of Base Transceiver Station (BTS),
  • Testing and Integration of BTS
  • MW installation, probing and integration
  • Radio optimization
  • KPI analysis (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Drive tests
  • Frequency plan optimizing