Historical Background

  • SIGMATEL is created.
  • ZyXEL Exclusive representative: leading position in the sector of analogical modems and ISDN access (ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network). SIGMATEL has become the reference in the sector of digital access devices, ISDN and xDSL on the Moroccan Market;
  • TopCom Exclusive representative. SIGMATEL has become the leader of very small digital PABX on the market of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises.
  • Marked out as the 3Com Gold Partner. SIGMATEL was awarded the African highest reference of 3Com at that time since it had provided the interconnection of 40 buildings with ATM by using the Optical Fibre.
  • NDI (Network Design Installator) AMP Representation and certification: one of the two world leaders of computer cabling. SIGMATEL performed the biggest cabling works of reference in Morocco;
  • Launching of Dounia Net: ISP (Internet Service Provider) ;
  • Launching of Network City: which became one of the reference companies in selling Telecom equipment in Morocco;
  • Launching of ExperTeam: the First Company of Telecom and Network Engineering in Morocco;
  • Launching of OpenSoft: a Company specialized in the integration of software solutions in Communication.
  • Opening of Rabat’s Office.
  • LG Exclusive Representative: Thanks to this partnership, SIGMATEL moves to the leading position on the Moroccan market of digital PABX with a capacity suited for small and medium sized Enterprises.
  • Removal to the new Head Office in Sidi Maârouf (with a surface area of more than 2500m²);
  • Re-integration of Dounia Net into SIGMATEL.
  • Re-integration of ExperTeam into SIGMATEL.
  • Avaya Representative: Avaya being the World leader of ToIP and call centers;
  • Re-integration of OpenSoft into SIGMATEL.
  • Launching of Open Technologies : a Software Editer specialized in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and SFA (Sales Force Automation).
  • Opening of Tangiers’ Office.
  • Starting-up of new activities : Telecom Infrastructure for operators;
  • Partnership with ZTE : one of the biggest world equipment makers and solution- providers for Telecom operators;
  • Realization in partnership with ZTE of the CDMA network of WANA;
  • Exclusive Deployment of the CDMA network for WANA.
  • Opening of Agadir’s Office;
  • Partnership with ZTE and Alcatel-Lucent;
  • Realization of telecom sites of Wana (Acquisition, Civil Engineering, Pylons, Shelters...).
  • Exclusive Deployment of 3G network for Wana;
  • POP Arrangement and Fit-out, Dark Fibre migration for Wana.
  • Increasing the Capital of 12.000.000 MAD (currently the capital is 20.000.000 MAD).