Call centers

Our Business

The increase of the Call Centers performance is a main line of SIGMATEL services.
With our strong multidisciplinary expertise in this field, we accompany our customers to the success of their projects of:

  • Management of inbound and outbound calls;
  • Management of the Service Delivery Channel: E-mail, Chat, Fax, SMS ;
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI);
  • Multimedia Recording;
  • Setting up of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) servers;
  • Integration with your Business application (ex. CRM);
  • Specific applications development.

Our expertise

Inbound calls

  • Automatic call distribution to several agents ;
  • Call distribution on competency;
  • Management of call peak periods: overflow between agents groupings or transmission to agents generally appointed in the outgoing calls: call blending ;
  • Indicating the waiting time, and proposing to call back outside rush hours;
  • Real-time visualization of calls and the possibility to intervene as back up of the supervisor ;
  • Comprehensive statistics, developed on request if necessary.

Outbound calls

You load a list of phone numbers. At the defined time, the phone campaign is automatically launched. You choose the call mode suitable for you :

  • In preview mode. Your operators see and check in the card, the call is then made automatically. The call can also be launched automatically after visualization without validation of the operator;
  • In progressive mode. Calling is made when one of your operators is available. The call is transmitted once the called person picks up the phone.
  • In predictive mode. The calling engine launches a given number of calls according to the number of operators, to the period of routine calls and to the percentage of observed lost calls. As soon as an agent hangs up, a few seconds later, a new call is transmitted to him.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

  • Identification of the caller according to his number or to customer code;
  • Feedback and automatic opening of the customer file on the operator screen;
  • Gating of a maintenance manual for prospecting or selling;
  • Post-call qualification through selection of pre-positioned qualification codes;
  • Distribution and display real-time information regarding the day’s performance, the quality of service, the time processing, etc…

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) servers

  • Processing of automatic calls: opening hours, delivery lead times, availability of a product, address change… Your agents remain free to treat more complex requests;
  • Triggering of automatic processing (database access, launching computer processes, etc...);
  • Total Visibility on the flow of your calls in the menus ;
  • Voice Recognition and Synthesis.


  • Multimedia recording of digital and analogical systems, of Voice over IP, and of PC screens ;
  • Quality Management in the telephone exchange centers and call centers.