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SIGMATEL, ALTAI Sole Partner in Morocco

SIGMATEL has become the ALTAI exclusive partner in Morocco. ALTAI is the Super Wifi solution provider. ALTAI Technologies is a high-tech private company, specialized in the design, development and marketing of new broadband, wireless and open-air solutions. The ALTAI flagship product, the A8 WiFi Base station, is mainly deployed in the outer environments in order to provide the whole city with a WiFi large coverage area that could reach an extension zone of a 500 meter radius. This product minimizes the interference effect of the other signals in the frequency spectrum 2.4 GHz. This long-range WiFi Technology has set a new standard in the sector, in deed; the coverage area is 10 times superior to the one of competitors. Consequently, within the framework of this solution, less investment capital is needed and fewer resources are required in the wireless network infrastructures. ALTAI offers a cost-efficiency good ratio, providing reliable and future-proof solutions, with a quick deployment.

The ALTAI Super Wifi Stations have been deployed worldwide, such as in the USA (Silicon Valley, New York City), China (Pékin, Hangzhou, Jiangxi, Shandong, Nanjing and Shenzhen), Malaysia (Sarawak, Ipoh), Vietnam, Cambodia , Mexico, Brazil, the Middle-East, Europe and in other countries in Pacific Asia.

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